New Flckr Images!

We have added a new feature to help you source license free images. We’ve just launched the integration of Flickr search when inserting images into posts / pages.

You can now search for client-entered terms from Flickr’s Creative Commons library of images. These images do not require payment and are considered license free. (Note: we do have a disclaimer in the Flickr search for our clients to use common sense and that WPB is not responsible for any content or mis-categorized images)

So how does it work?

1) When you click Add Media on a post, there is a new link on the side of the Media Library popup for WPB Flickr Images. From here you can enter a search term and see the results from Flickr.

2) Clicking on an image will automatically add it to your media library and show all of the normal fields and parameters that are editable.

3) Like any other image, click Use this Image to add it to your post.

4) The image is added to your post. If there were any attributions, they will also be displayed underneath the image automatically.

5) As noted before, the image is automatically added to your Media Library for future use.

Unfortunately, there was no way to add this search feature into the Feature Image window. However a since the Flickr images are automatically added to the Media Library, they can be accessed for use as a Feature Image via the Media Library.

Have any questions? Ask away! 203-967-1800 ext.1

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