Promote your Apps on a good CMS!

It doesn’t matter who builds your app, us or someone else (Ours is the best btw – you know you can control the content and re-skin the app on the fly, right?  Your “Progressive” App can’t?  Ouch!) – they are just vanity plays unless you can get downloads and opens.

We know who has downloads and opens.  There are tricks to the trade.

That’s one you likely have seen, those “thingys” at the top of mobile sites that detects and points users to iOS or Android versions of your app.

If you don’t have this and three other website tactics, your app is D.O.A.   If your CMS is plain vanilla, so are your numbers and sales. Enjoy that milk toast.

WPB is Mint Chip, baby! Call us and we’ll throw in sprinkles!

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