Podcast Pre-Roll (Anthony Glues Things)

Hi WordPressForBroadcaster Friend,

We hope this finds you well. Spring is coming. One reason we know that, is many of you have signed up for the Find the Leprechaun – St. Patrick’s Day promotion. Sweet!

This is a quick note about podcasting and how to make money with it. Without getting too complex, Anthony works here at WPB. When Anthony was a kid he liked to glue stuff together. See him up there.

Now Anthony also likes code, and he he has some great code which GLUES pre-roll / commercials to podcast files. When people download your podcast audio, they also get the commercials so you can make money!


There is more technical stuff, like you can rotate pre-rolls, change them and target them based on certain criteria but it’s too much for an email and it doesn’t fit nicely with the cute Anthony pic up top.

If you’re interested in details, give tom a call at 203-569-2009 or email at tom@intertechmedia.com

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