Improved Contesting & Sponsor Satisfaction

How would you like to have hundreds or thousands of your fans helping to spread the word about your campaign? Thanks to the multiple marketing channels of One CMS, contests today enable an amplification of your (or your sponsor’s) marketing message that was not previously possible.

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Contesting is a time-tested way to engage and reward audiences for brand loyalty.  It’s also one of the most effective platforms to build revenue programs on for advertisers.  One CMS has the best contesting engine for broadcast available.

Multiple Different Contest Types

Easily customizable with contest variants for Sweepstakes, Secret Words, UGC Photo, Video, Text upload, Voting Contests and more!

Easy Sign Up

The One CMS Contest engine can meet your creative and revenue goals.  Set them up on the fly.  Push contests to the website and app with one click.  Let your audience enter via SMS/Text!

Make Sponsors Happy

Contests are highly customizable and sponsorable via call out graphics, banners, and confirmation messages .

Set up custom questions in the contest to collect valuable information for your sponsors.

When the contest is wrapped up, pick a winner manually or use the built in randomizer that can be customized with any business rule pre-sets you might require and use the follow up list of entrants as the foundation for an email, App Push Alert or SMS/Text for your sponsor.

Email Call 203.569.2003

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